roman (myowndirection) wrote in semesteratsea,

Madonna in Japan + Blackberries

i know this is a REALLY random question, but is anybody that is going on the fall 2006 trip interested in seeing Madonna in Osaka, Japan? it just so happens that she's going to be performing the same night the ship is going to be in Kobe (which is very very close to Osaka) and I think it'd be really hot to see her there. the tickets are from ¥11,000, which at current rates is about $95US. (That's actually cheaper than it costs to see her in the US!) Let me know if you'd be interested! I think it would be such an awesome experience! Tickets go on sale in June.

In an unrelated matter, has anyone here tried bringing a Blackberry phone/email device with them on the trip? Some phone companies (like Cingular and T-Mobile) tell me that it will actually get a phone signal even in some parts of the Pacific Ocean and it will definitely work everywhere we go (except Japan). I think this would be a great way to have email/phone service no matter where we go, and not have to pay too much. Can anyone share any experiences with this? Thanks!
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