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a few questions

Hi, I'm currently in the process of applying for Fall 2007, and I have a few questions that I would be incredibly grateful to receive answers to (thanks in advance!!!)

1. what kinds of people did you use for your "personal reference" on the application? Could I use my college advisor for that (since he knows me pretty personally) if I'm using another professor for the academic reference, or should it be someone like an employer or a close friend?

2. When is the financial aid deadline? Do they not give you information about applying until you've already been accepted? (just want to make sure I don't miss any deadlines, as financial aid will be essential to my being able to attend the program!)

3. I've started getting really freaked out about not having my application in yet, after reading about people getting waitlisted and the program filling up by march... I still have to meet with my study abroad advisor next week so I won't have the application in until around February 10th or so. Do you think this is enough time? *paranoid! needs reassurance!*

One last thing that's not a question: I've been reading a lot of peoples' SAS blogs while trying to decide if this program is right for me, and I just want to thank everyone for sharing those online, because they've been truly amazing to read and I'm so pumped up for this experience now, I hope I am able to go on it! (if anyone wants to leave a comment with a link to their blog or a blog they're particularly fond of, I'm still hooked on reading as many of these as I can! Thanks!)
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