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When you went on SAS, which countries did you have to get visas for and how long did it take to get them?
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India took FOR.EV.ER Seriously. Start now. Other countries weren't so bad.
This may be a stupid question but....you have to get the visas yourself??
roman, it's chloe-
for our voyage i think we only need china and india.
for india, if you go to the embassy in manhattan they can do it in one day (drop it off at a certain time in the morning and pick it up at a certain time at night).
as soon as they send you the stuff, fill it out because some of it takes forever. we had to get visas for brazil, india, and china ahead of time and other ones we filled out along the way. but either way, don't put it off.
SAS sends you information on getting the Visas. Do it IMMEDIATELY when you get the forms, and do it through SAS b/c otherwise it's a hassle and they make it so simple. :) We had to get visas for Brazil, India, and China and the rest you get along the way. Have an AMAZING TIME!!

Spring 06
Well, I haven't even applied but I was going to. Now I'm worried, though, because I wanted to do it only two months or so after I finished another study abroad, and I obviously can't send my passport away when I'm studying abroad. I will probably just have to wait or choose between one or the other. :-( I've wanted to do SAS for a few years but now I don't know if it'll happen. I'll just wait and see what happens.
china and india we did before the voyage. brazil we did on the way. i think if you're going to study abroad in advance, they can expedite the time it takes to get the visa, and if you live in a large city, i believe you can go to a consulate and get it done within days.

ps. GO ON SEMESTER AT SEA. do what you have to do to make it happen. you wont regret it for a minute. i think about my trip EVERY DAY and i went nearly two years ago. i still talk to my best friends from the trip and reminice about "that time in japan..."