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woah, guess I'll crack the five-month-old ice here!


I would really like to do SAS Fall 08. I have a few questions (figures that I'd have them only after the int'l studies office is closed :( ) I think it's going to be obvious that I'm a greenhorn when it comes to studying abroad (The furthest I've been from home is Guatemala)

--The $1,000 deposit. I'm really confused as to WHEN that is due, exactly. (I have not completed my app yet, because I don't want to get a notice a month from now saying OH HAI U R 'CEPTED, GIMME MONEYZ NOW!! And then not have it.)

--How do you arrange for your FAFSA aid to be put towards the SAS tuition? Is that kind of a given for anyone getting aid, or do you have to be super-special?

--Did anyone just do a private student loan? How did that work out?

--Exactly what is covered in tuition? Is it just tuition and room/board?

--How long are you in port, on average?

--I saw a lot of people discussing the landtrips and their costs--how much extra moolah should I have with me when I go?

Like all of you, I have been bitten by the travel bug, but I am never able to take care of it--just recently I had to cancel a trip to Thailand, and it about killed me (emotionally and financially--I lost $515 after getting the maximum refund!). A little while ago I decided to spend a whole semester abroad (more expensive, but easier to manage while I'm in school), but I couldn't pick where. Then I remembered hearing about SAS, and decided to check it out. It just feels right to me--it's expensive as hell, worth three semesters of school here, but I don't think this is something I can pass up.

I would totally love to have an SAS-buddy! Especially anyone trying to get in on Fall 08, so we can keep each other on track!
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